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Graeme Hall is a highly experienced Visual Merchandising Consultant.

He has designed, manufactured, project-managed and installed a vast array of creative undertakings.

As a Visual Merchandising Consultant, he has been assisting businesses in Perth and Fremantle change and improve their customer experience and engagement for in excess of 30 years.

From Individual retail outlets to large Shopping Centres and Shopping Precincts, he has the experience to help you provide your customers with a difference and rewarding experience.

He understands it is not only about creativity and the visual elements – but importantly, practical outcomes!

Visual Merchandising Consulting Experience

Large-scale Shopping Centres

Council Shopping Precincts

Retail Shopping Strips

Retail Store Merchandising

Television Sets

Christmas Displays

Exhibitions and Displays

Marketing and Brand Promotion


Theatrical Costume Design

Visual Merchandising Consultant – Beyond the Obvious!

As a business, from small to large, from sole trader to strip mall, everything you do impacts that business!

Drawing on many years working as a Visual Merchandising Consultant Graeme Hall assists clients to look beyond the obvious of location, price, or cash flow to the most important element of attracting business and keeping it – emotion!

Visual Merchandising is about far more than just the products you sell - It is about engaging your customers, building a sense of trust, luxury, escape, fun or whatever is essence of your business!

The Right Foundation - Your Identity!

One of the first questions an experienced Visual Merchandising Consultant will ask is what is your identity?

  • Does your business, your centre, your high street, have an identity?

  • Is that identity appropriate for your target market?

  • How aligned is the experience you currently provide to that identity?

  • What is the essence of the experience you are looking to provide?

Be it an office, a clinic, a cafe, strip mall or major retail centre - it about creating an identity that:

  • Customers will notice and find appealing

  • Makes an emotional connection

  • Gives them a reason to pause and slow down

  • Encourages them to cross the threshold into your environment

  • Supports an experience they will remember and share

Powerful and strategic Visual Merchandising avoids jumping too quickly into “solution mode” which wastes time, money and resources!

Strategic Visual Merchandising begins with your identity!

Strategic Visual Merchandising – Concept to Reality

When you engage Graeme Hall as a Visual Merchandising Consultant, he will invest the time to understand:

  • The identity you wish to portray and if refinement is needed

  • Your target audience and their preferences

  • The strengths of your business, Centre or Shopping Strip

  • How the physical environment can be leveraged for maximum advantage

  • What elements can be used to evoke emotions and create a memorable experience

  • What training may be required for your team to capitalise on the investment being made

  • How installation and removal can be achieved with minimal disruption to daily activities

If you would like to learn more about our Visual Merchandising Consulting Services give Graeme Hall a call today on 0417 992 075