In a world where customers have so much choice - retail merchandising has never been more important.

Unless you can grab their attention, get them to pause and enter your outlet, the huge investment you have made can be at risk.

Why Retail Merchandising is Needed

Today operating a retail outlet, regardless of what you sell is an enormous challenge!

There are high fixed costs - rent, insurance, staff!

Competition is enormous as customers have so much choice and different purchasing options.

Today, unless they are provided with something beyond a quality product and price, many customers will visit a store simply as part of the research phase – to evaluate the product and then buy online.

To succeed in retail, you need something beyond product and price to give customers a reason to visit your store.

Something they simply can’t experience through many of the alternate options they have available!

The starting point for that experience is retail merchandising!

The Doorstep Challenge!

Within a shopping precinct - major shopping centre or shopping strip, just getting customers through the door can be a challenge!

Even if you have the greatest products and wonderfully helpful staff, it is all for nothing if the customer simply walks past the door!

Your location can have amazing foot traffic, but it all means little unless you grab the customers attention and ignite their curiosity, you are not in the game!

The Attraction Dilemma!

The question is - how do you attract the customers attention - get them to slow down - pause - become curious and walk through the door?

Once inside the store, how do you keep them engaged? How do you maintain and heighten their curiosity?

How can you provide them with a sense of wow and an experience that stands apart from your competition?

The starting point is carefully designed and executed retail merchandising!

How Does Great Retail Merchandising Work?

Great retail merchandising is about standing out and grabbing attention!

Through your window and entrance displays, moving beyond bland and igniting curiosity.

It is about aligning the merchandising to your:

  • Ideal customer, their needs and preferences

  • Optimising your product and store strengths

  • Building a framework for an experience your customers will remember and share

Retail merchandising is the missing ingredient to help you stand out, engage customers and step through the door!

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