As a Fashion Designer I love classic elegance.

Timeless style that flatters the woman who wears it. That literally causes her to stand taller.

A gown, a dress or a suit that is an investment; that will never be out of date.

But the fact that it is classic does not preclude the design from being forward-thinking or predictive of future trends.

When renowned Fashion Designer Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ was launched in 1947 it was scandalous for the post war era! But as we now know, his work was both predictive and timeless.

This is where I sit on the spectrum of fashion design!

From Outrageously Simple to Simply Outrageous Design!

Early in my career as a Fashion Designer I coined a slogan that always been, and remains applicable to my work today:

“From Outrageously Simple to Simply Outrageous Design!”

I am interested in creating that single extravagance that will always be treasured.

I am interested in couture:

  • Eye-popping, head-turning, jaw-dropping statement pieces

  • From the elegant simplicity of the perfect ‘little black dress’ to the theatrical drama of a red-carpet gown

  • I love the indulgence of the 1950’s

  • The elegance of 1930’s.

  • The theatre of the Rococo.


This doesn’t mean that I have no interest in developing more commercial lines. But as a Fashion Designer fast fashion is not for me!

To me, the more prevalent fast fashion becomes, the more people will desire the opposite:

  • The individual

  • Hand crafted

  • Beautifully tailored

  • Lasting

Personal and Stunning Elegance!

I believe Couture is the apex of fashion; from where the styles of seasons to follow will be established.

There is as much work in creating a single gown intended for one person, as there is in creating a final toile for an entire collection!

As a Fashion Designer I see it as complex as architecture, but it has to move and breathe.

It is as demanding as engineering but has to fit a multitude of forms - and it has to be laundered!

Because it is so personal, and time involved, Couture is not for everyone!

However, if you are interested in outrageous elegance or stunning simplicity, give me a call on 0417 992 075