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Graeme Hall - Fashion Designer

From Outrageously Simple to Simply Outrageous!

I coined this tagline many moons ago when I was just starting my design career. It could have been applied to a vast array of projects I’ve done over the years but it is most appropriate to my fashion career.

From simple elegant leisurewear to grand statement gowns taking more than 260 metres of fabric to complete, I think it continues to be an accurate summation of my design style.

Classic Elegance - with a dash of outrage!

I love classic elegance but that doesn’t preclude a bit of outrage every now and then!

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a woman literally become taller when she wears one of my designs: when you feel fabulous in a gown, you stand taller.

Fashion is my first and greatest love in design.

My penchant for designing absolutely everything saw me drift away from Fashion for many years. Now I am beginning the journey to return to my greatest love.

For commercial reasons I am unable to publish any of my Ready to Wear designs on this site. So here I present the more extravagant & some of the ‘Simply Outrageous’