Television Set Design is highly specialised and demands an understanding of the medium.

Everything depends upon the number, type and positions of the cameras.

Skin tone is also critically important – how you see a colour may not be how it translates to the viewers screen.

The type of cameras being used, and the monitors can dramatically influence how the colours are ultimately seen.

For In-Studio Sets, what is never going to be seen on camera is extraneous.

It is the exacting nature of Television Set Design that requires an understanding beyond that of traditional design and merchandising.

Television Set Design – A Partnership

For Television Set Design, unlike many other fields, Managers, Directors and Technicians are highly skilled.

All have input or varying levels of control over the outcome. They also understand the mechanics of the technicalities involved

To achieve the desired outcome everyone involved needs to work together as a collaborative team.

Television Set Design is very much working as a team and in partnership!


Beyond the Obvious!

Successful Television Set Design involves far more than the visual aspects of the Set itself!

There may be ‘over-the-shoulder’ graphics to consider and how they fit into the overall visuals.

There are the out-of-sight elements, such as where the audio links will sit behind the desk.

If the News, or other presenter platforms are on a raised dais, will sound-deadening elements need to be built in?

Will the presenters require a space for storage, such as a bottle of water? Spare technology etc.

Then there are the challenges presented by a studio audience.

Television Set Design - Experience

My first venture into Television Set Design was designing, manufacturing and installing the set for the Seven Network’s Telethon in Perth, Western Australia

It was to be an outside broadcast from the new Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. that had never hosted a live television broadcast!

The project was exciting and full of technical and other challenges. However, everything was installed on time and within budget!

Since then I have also designed sets for:

  • Network 10 News (2 sets)

  • Channel 9 News

For Television News, it is all about holding the viewer’s eye exactly where you want it to be. Here is a correlation to general visual merchandising.

Creativity Detail and Discipline!

Television Set Design is a highly specific craft. It requires an in-depth understanding of the medium, flexibility and outstanding project management skills.

Whilst creativity is important, this must be combined with attention to detail and discipline.

Critically it requires an ability to work with teams and to convert their vision to practical reality!

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