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Television Set Design

Television is a highly specialized, technical field. Colour realization can vary from camera to camera, monitor to monitor. Digital cameras have different tolerances to analogue. It can be a brutal industry.

Television, particularly television news, is one of the more demanding fields I have worked in 

Not least due to the number of people involved in the design process.

A senior executive in an Australian network once said to me (sic) “no News set ever ends up being what was originally designed”.

In other fields this ‘design by committee’ approach could have driven me insane. But I actually enjoyed the challenge: With each project it became my aim to get to the finish line with as few changes as possible. Not from an ego view point, i.e. ramming my ideas through, but from learning; the challenge of getting it so ‘right’ at the outset that minimal changes will be asked for.

This of course is the challenge in all commercial design projects.If you don’t enjoy working within tight constraints then television is not for you. Personally, I enjoyed it immensely, even when the final result wasn’t what I intended!