Shopping Centre Merchandising is about so much more than just what we see, it is about how we feel.

It is about appealing to all of the senses

The great challenge in any retail environment - particularly Shopping Centres is:

  • Getting shoppers to slow down

  • Then crucially, keeping them there once they have purchased what they came for

Shopping Centre Merchandising - Designed to Fail?

Merchandising in Shopping Centres has been forgone as our retail spaces have become increasingly efficient in channeling customers in and then out again!

Shoppers usually arrive at a Shopping Centre knowing exactly what they want. They go straight to their destination of choice, buy what they came for - and leave!

They are often in so much of a rush that all of the smaller in-mall businesses are just a hindrance in getting to their destination outlet.

Where did it all go wrong?

Economic rationalism has become so pervasive that it has become counter-productive.

Shopping Centre Merchandising declined as new micro-retail “profit centres” in the centre of malls stripped out:

  • The meeting spaces

  • Performance spaces

  • Seasonal merchandising displays and decorations

The decline in Shopping Centre Merchandising removed incentives or stimulus for shoppers to slow down, to take in the environment through which they passed.

Shopping Centres – Survival demands a different experience!

The successful Shopping Centre environment of the future will be one that:

  • Becomes a destination

  • Creates an environment that encourages customer to slow down

  • Gives them a reason to stay and explore

It will be a place where they are engaged by the Shopping Centre Merchandising.

The environment will be dynamic. With the technology and physical infrastructure to able accommodate:

  • Theming

  • Promotional activities

  • Events and full atmospherics

Atmosphere! Ambience! Senses!

Shopping Centre Visual Merchandising is about so much more than just what we see, it is about how we feel. It is about appealing to all of the senses.

Successful Shopping Centre Merchandising will create a mood, an ambience suited to any desired theme.

Longer trading hours and the imperative to maximize returns on floorspace is putting ever increasing constraints on the ability to install and remove merchandising features or to stage in-house events. This limits a retail centre’s ability to adapt, to entertain, to appeal to the senses.

The solutions lie in active merchandising planning, backed by efficient, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Strategic Merchandising Themes - The Key to Success!

To keep customers engaged and to create a Shopping Centre destination, a strategic approach to merchandising is required.

Themes tailored to the target audience and the Shopping Centre’s strengths and points of difference need to be implemented throughout the year.

More of the same won't work! Creativity focused on getting the customers attention and making an emotional connection are needed.

Creativity and Practical Experience!

Graeme Hall 2.jpg

With a background in design, Graeme Hall has been involved in Shopping Centre Merchandising for in excess of 30 years.

He can assist with:

  • Design & implementation of Merchandising infrastructure

  • Creation of Shopping Centre Merchandising Themes aligned to your target audience and Centre Strengths

  • Planning, coordination and implementation

  • Design and liaison with trades

  • Coordination and supervision of installation and removal

  • Engaging Retailers to get their buy-in

He has both the creative flair and practical experience to help Shopping Centre Management and their retailers create a memorable and engaging shopping experience.

If you would like to create a destination, change the experience you provide to your customers and unleash the power of Visual Merchandising give Graeme a call on 0417 992 075