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 Providing more stores food and entertainment options may work for a short period, but without effective Shopping Centre Visual Merchandising, return on this investment is difficult to achieve.

Invariably, the approach seems to be to go bigger and create more options and commercial space - but ultimately, with merchandising the full benefits this investment is unlikely to be realised.

Retailers can’t do it in isolation!

Retailers, like Shopping Centre owners, make a considerable investment when they open a store. Many have everything on the line, success is vital!

Whilst some Retailers do merchandising well, the vast majority whilst "nice" are not truly memorable.

Even where individual Retailers do it well, in isolation, their efforts do little to encourage customers to give up their time to visit the Centre.

An overarching Shopping Centre Merchandising Theme is needed to create a shopping destination customer will seek to experience.

The alternative is Retailers resort to sales and discounting. A downward spiral that is at epidemic scales - margins and bottoms line are being decimated!

Shopping Centre Merchandising - Three Critical Questions!

In the absence of an overarching Shopping Centre Merchandising theme, the critical questions to answer are:

  • What reason are you providing customers to give up their time to visit the Centre?

  • What is memorable, or different, about the experience you provide?

  • Given the purchasing options available, what is being offered beyond price, sales and discounts?

Strategic Merchandising Themes - The Key to Success!

To keep customers engaged and to create a Shopping Centre destination, a strategic approach to merchandising is required.

Themes tailored to the target audience and the Shopping Centre strengths and points of difference need to be implemented throughout the year.

More of the same won't work! Creativity focused on getting the customers attention and making an emotional connection are needed.

Creativity and Practical Experience!

With a background in design, I have been involved in Merchandising for in excess of 30 years.

Graeme Hall - Visual Merchanding Consultant 2_new.png

I have both the creative flair and practical experience to help Shopping Centre Management and their retailers create a memorable and engaging shopping experience.

I can assist with:

  • Creation of Merchandising Themes aligned to your target audience and Centre Strengths

  • Planning, coordination and implementation

  • Design and liaison with trades

  • Coordination and supervision of installation and removal

  • Engaging Retailers to get their buy-in

If you would like to learn more about how I can assist call me on 0417 992 075