Visual Merchandising Consultant

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Graeme Hall is an experienced Visual Merchandising Consultant delivering powerful strategic solutions for in excess of 30 years

Shopping Centre Merchandising

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The trading environment for major Shopping Centres has never been more challenging. Customers are seeking a different experience

Retail Outlet Merchandising

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Successful Retail Outlet Merchandising is about a lot more that simply having an attractive window display.


Visual Merchandising – Attraction and Engagement!

Visual merchandising is more than just putting your product or sign in the right place. It is about engaging the senses. It is about emotion!

Whether it be in a major Retail Centre, a Strip Mall or Shopping Village, visual merchandising is about getting noticed. Creating a sense of place!

If customers are not engaged, they will barrel through your Shopping Centre or Suburban Strip Mall, focused entirely on what they came for, then leave!

Visual Merchandising is the art that provides customers a reason - beyond price - to give up their time and visit a Shopping Centre.


Fashion Design

Television Set Design

Christmas Displays

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Television Set Design is vitally important and requires an understanding of the medium. Careful attention to minor detail is critical 

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 For many businesses the Christmas Trading period is the busiest and most critical of the year. It simply has to work

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From outrageously simple to simply outrageous Graeme Hall is a Fashion Designer that wows!


Retail Visual Merchandising – Where did it go wrong?

Shopping Centres and Retail Strips require an enormous investment of capital and resources.

Whilst many are modern and technically beautifully designed, they lack feeling and soul.

As far back as the 1980’s visual merchandising began to take a back seat to economic rationalism. Visual Merchandising Departments were either scaled back or eliminated altogether.

We have become so absorbed in spreadsheets & flowcharts that we have lost sight of who ultimately pays the bills – the customer!


Customers are seeking a different experience!

 The customer now has far more choice and purchasing options. Good service, a quality product and a competitive price are now their minimum expectation.

 To keep them engaged and become a destination, Retail Centres today need to offer more.

 They need to provide an experience. An experience they will remember and share.

Visual Merchandising – Transforming the customer experience!

 Visual Merchandising is the art of attracting customers and importantly, keeping them there!

 It is about understanding your customers, what attracts their eye and providing a sensory experience.

 An experience that evokes emotion. Provides a sense of wow! Creating stories and memories they will share.

Experience is the difference!

Having been involved in Visual Merchandising for over 30 years, I have the experience and insight to help Shopping Centre owners and management transform the customer experience!

Every Centre is unique which means the experience needs to be appeal to its target customer base and be aligned to its strengths. Off the shelf solutions simply do not work.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you engage your customers and provide a different experience, call me on 0417 992 075