Carefully designed Christmas Displays evoke emotions and memories!

For businesses, importantly, they create a magical space that customers experience, are drawn to and spend!

For many businesses the Christmas trading period is the busiest of the year. It is also one where time poor customers need a reason beyond price to visit a business or shopping precinct.

In an intensely competitive marketplace, well designed Christmas Displays can be the critical ingredient needed to attract and engage customers

Christmas Displays - Attraction & Engagement

In Australia, Christmas tends to be a period of frenetic activity for both businesses and their customers.

The challenge for business owners and Shopping Precincts, is that whilst their customers have needs, their purchasing options are virtually unlimited.

However, despite the intense competition, customers will visit a business or shopping precinct, if it offers something beyond their usual experience.

A sense of wow! Community! Caring and family!

Something magical which carefully planned Christmas Displays can deliver!

The Two Critical Elements!

Quality Christmas Displays involve two critical elements:

  • Creativity

  • Logistics

Creativity is about getting attention, creating a sense of wow and importantly making the most of the available space.

Logistics is the unseen element involved in making the Christmas Display seemingly magically appear!

It involves careful planning, concepts, cranes, cherry pickers and container trucks. The unseen elements that are needed to provide customers with a magical Christmas experience!

The Business of Christmas!

After almost 30 years’ experience, Graeme Hall understands the strategic thinking and planning needed to make Christmas work.

Simply, he understands the business of Christmas!

In one Christmas season he designed, prepared and installed Christmas Displays in:

  • 26 Shopping Centres

  • 78 Banks

  • Numerous Corporate Office Towers

  • Hotels

  • The entire Burswood (Crown) Resort.

All installations were completed in one six-week period and removed and stored in 4 weeks! The logistics were staggering!

Make it a Magical Christmas!

Perth, more than any other Australian city, is in a position to do something absolutely unique in the world with Christmas.

Our people, climate, first class Shopping Centres and Precincts set us apart.

If you would like to learn more about how attention-grabbing Christmas Displays can be designed to deliver your customers a magical experience, call me on 0417 992 075