There is Christmas, then there is the business of Christmas

In one Christmas season we designed, prepared and installed Christmas in 26 shopping centres, 78 banks, numerous corporate office towers, hotels and the entire Burswood (Crown) Resort. All installations were completed on the one 6-week period and removed and stored in 4 weeks.

The logistics are staggering!

And yet most people never give a thought to how the decorations that adorn their shopping centre or city magically appear there!

When most people think Christmas, they think fairy lights and tinsel. They don’t think cranes, cherry pickers and container trucks.

They never imagine the global business of decorating for Christmas.

Most local governments view decorating the city as an (expensive) obligation and don’t analyse how this process can really be made to work for the city & its people; how it can actually be of benefit to the retailers of the city. After almost 30 years of decorating almost everything imaginable, my interest lies in the strategic thinking behind making Christmas work (blog to follow!).

Perth, more than any other Australian city, is in a position to do something absolutely unique in the world with Christmas. We can, I believe, develop our own vision and make it a social and commercial success.