Diana Vreeland – style icon - once famously said “The eye has to travel”. This is a truism in design.

Visual Merchandising (V.M.) is the art of getting the eye to travel to precisely where you intend it to be and taking advantage of where the gaze will logically fall.

V.M. is a lot more than window displays and signs: it is about all things visual that relate to your business. From external signs to internal traffic flow; from business cards to your visual presence online. Good visual merchandising should be seductive.

It should improve recognition of your brand: ‘who’ you are; your location. Above all it should improve your turnover.

Effective placement, size, proportion, colour; the font; the degree of information appropriate to the location - is all part of the consideration in designing a successful merchandising scheme.

The speed and distance of passing traffic is an essential consideration.

Elements such as lighting, landscaping and – in many cases - local government regulations need to be taken into account.

The maintenance of your visual presence can say a lot about your business: faded signs, dated graphics, unkempt garden beds all scream “Unprofessional!”

Your visual presence is usually the first encounter your potential client will have with your business: make it count.